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"I had never really been into listenting to the radio; I preferred to just listen to my CDs. The Rock changed all that for me. Playing my favorite kind of music, Rock 103.5 introduced me to more than half of the music I listen to now."
-A loyal listener

That is a quote directly from a loyal Rock 103.5 listener. But he has been left in the dust as to what he should listen to by a big business corporation. A corporation that cared more about their stock than a station voted #1 rock station four years running by Rolling Stone Magazine. A corporation that cared more about advertisers than loyal listeners who have yet to turn elsewhere for music. This media giant didn't care about anyone but themselves. I'm not even going to dignify their existance by mentioning their name. But those of you who cared know who that evil corporration is. It's 'Sad But True', but if we all team together we may someday have a radio station worthy of the Chicago airwaves. One such site, CRC Radio, has this goal in mind. Please visit the site if you care about Chicago radio.

Rock 103.5 WRCX as we knew it is now officially gone. In its place is yet another oldies station. As of 5:32 Friday, October 30, 1999 it was all over. But, they continued to play the music we had all come to love until 5:30 P.M. Monday albeit with no DJ's. Following is a list of the last things heard officially on Rock 103.5 on Friday, October 30:

4:48: Lars Ulrich called in to bid farewell to Rock 103.5

4:54: "Sad But True" By Metallica

5:00: Mancow called in to bid farewell.

5:01: "You Can't Kill Rock & Roll" By Ozzy Osbourne

5:07: Turd of Mancow's Morning Madhouse called to bid farewell.

5:12: "So What" By Metallica (radio edit)

5:20: Re-evaluation compilation (MP3)

5:32: It's all over..

I have the entire Rock 103.5 site archived before it was changed to the stupid oldies site. If anyone wants it, here it is.

Please note that all of the files below except the re-evaluation compilation and the first Rock Report are included the old Rock 103.5 site zip file in .wav format.

Only the mp3 files are currently available. Sometime when switching from host to host, I removed the .wav files due to space constraints. I may have them backed up in one location, but it will be some time before I check. There used to be real audio files here also, but I realized they were useless.

Re-evaluation compilation   .mp3 (Zip)
Rock Report for Sep 8, 1998   .mp3 (Zip)
Rock Report for Oct 23, 1998   .mp3 (Zip)
Rock Stuff Promo   .mp3 (Zip)
Rock 103.5 'If it rocks' Promo   .mp3 (Zip)
Rock 103.5 'If it rocks' Promo 2   .mp3 (Zip)
Rockstock 98 Promo   .mp3 (Zip)
Cubs Congratulation   .mp3 (Zip)
Big Blatant Bribe Promo   .mp3 (Zip)
Big Blatant Bribe Promo 2   .mp3 (Zip)

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